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Villa Overview


traditional accommodation - Kefalonia - Greece

Built in 2008 in the place of a pre-existing traditional house, Villa Daphni was designed to offer luxurious accommodation in Kefalonia in an advantageous location overlooking the valley and the sea. Prior to the building of the Villa, the site was occupied by a property named the “Palataki” or “little palace”. Destroyed in the 1953 earthquake, ruins were the only remnants of this once grand, locally acclaimed mansion house.

The character of the ruins of the Villa however still showed through and it was the grandeur and beauty of the remains that guided the construction of Villa Daphni into the stupendous Kefalonia holiday villa it is today.

The cornerstone philosophy behind the construction and furnishing of this Kefalonia holiday villa was to combine the native Greek hospitality with quality accommodation in Kefalonia. Luxury furnishings accompanied with modern amenities in all villa rooms and communal areas, in a detached location offer an exclusive ambience of private accommodation in Kefalonia.


family accommodation in Kefalonia

Villa Daphni provides accommodation in Kefalonia ideal for large families or those traveling with friends. Detached with surrounding private grounds and some 300 square metres of living space, Villa Daphni offers spacious family accommodation in Kefalonia, Greece.

The villa’s sea view rooms are on a par with the aesthetic one would expect from a luxury hotel in Kefalonia.

Sea view villa in Kefalonia

Sea view rooms in this Kefalonia holiday villa offer minimalist, yet homely luxury and comfort. Nature is felt throughout and seen through every window and balcony letting the sights and sounds of the Ionian Sea through into the rooms themselves. This is a villa which, with meticulous attention to detail, provides an unmatched experience for all who stay there.